Simple Ledger Protocol Announces Virtual Hackathon Devoted to SLP Token Ecosystem

Simple Ledger Protocol Announces Virtual Hackathon Devoted to SLP Token Ecosystem

For 72 hours on Sep. 27-30, teams from around the world will participate in a Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) Virtual Hackathon. Participants will compete for $2,000 worth of prizes by submitting open source code utilizing the SLP framework. The Hackathon’s website details that winners with innovative SLP token-based concepts will also be awarded the event’s nonfungible trophy tokens.

The Simple Ledger Protocol Virtual Hackathon

At the end of the month, teams of creators will participate in a Simple Ledger Protocol Virtual Hackathon (SLPVH). Over the last year, the SLP token universe has grown immensely and there’s now a lot of supporting infrastructure like exchanges, wallets, and thousands of tokens have been created. The Simple Ledger Protocol is a simple token system for the Bitcoin Cash network allowing anyone to create tokens in a permissionless manner. The three-day event aims to prime SLP innovation by providing an incentive for people to compete and create progressive SLP concepts. SLPVH is sponsored by crypto organizations like Coinflex, Cryptophyl, Satoshi’s Angels, Sideshift.ai, Spicetoken, and Fountainhead. All of these groups have been involved with the Simple Ledger Protocol in some form and look forward to seeing the SLP ecosystem grow stronger.

The Simple Ledger Protocol Virtual Hackathon 2019 aims to be an annual event. The hackathon is open to anyone and people who want to participate can join the group’s Telegram chat to find out more.

“From September 27th 12 p.m. UTC until September 30th 12 p.m. UTC, teams from anywhere in the world will compete to build the hottest new SLP token application for the Bitcoin Cash blockchain,” explains the slp.dev website. “Prizes will include SLPVH-exclusive nonfungible trophy tokens and portions of the prize pool.” It adds:

Learn all about the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) ecosystem at the website: simpleledger.cash
‘We’ve Only Scratched the Surface so Far on Bitcoin Cash’

On Wednesday, news.Bitcoin.com spoke with SLPVH organizer Jt about the hackathon and got some more information. Jt is the creator of craft.cash and the simpleledger.info explorer, and a co-maintainer of fountainhead.cash, which runs BitDB, Bitsocket, SLPDB, and SLPSocket instances for developers. The blockchain engineer wanted to give software developers who are new to the space or haven’t tested the protocol yet a fun way to learn how to write SLP applications. “We have built SLP related tools up to the point where it is very easy for people to get started, so it is the perfect time to start building out actual applications,” Jt told our newsdesk. “SLPVH is an online event where individuals or teams work to create some sort of SLP related ‘hack,’” he added. “The goal is to create some sort of SLP related project, then at the end, voting will commence and different prizes will be given based on the amount of votes.”

The Simple Ledger Protocol has become very popular and Bitcoin.com supports SLP innovation. If you are a software developer looking to learn more about the Simple Ledger Protocol, head over to our Bitcoin Developer page where you can get Bitcoin Cash developer guides and start using SLP software developer kits (SDKs) as well as Bitbox and Badger Wallet SDKs too.

Jt remarked that participants can create a variety of possible ideas like a voting system, new wallets or ways to transfer tokens, tipping bots, and games. “There is a really wide field to explore using SLP and tokens in general and we’ve only scratched the surface so far on Bitcoin Cash — One thing I’m really hoping to see are some interesting applications of Cashscript and Spedn languages.” The BCH developer said that all of the sponsors have been a gigantic help, providing advice to ensure the event is a success and helping to provide prizes. “The sponsors of the event are early-stage SLP companies and many of the people from these companies are in the Telegram chat room,” Jt detailed. The developer further clarified:

Several Innovative Ideas and Help From Experienced SLP Developers

We asked Jt his thoughts on SLP tokens compared to tokens created on other blockchains and he explained that “SLP is great because it’s so easy to program and cheap to use.” “A lot of work has gone into keeping them Simple and I think it’s a great decision and cause for SLP’s success. For the majority of use cases, SLP and Script work, and for everything else you can use Ethereum.” The hackathon organizers explain that in order to make the event accessible, even to developers who may not be familiar with Bitcoin Cash or SLP, the group will provide experienced SLP developers available for consulting in the group chat on Telegram. The three-day hackathon’s website also lists an assortment of SLP token-based concepts for inspiration which includes ideas like:

Onchain voting for proposals.
New methods for transferring coins to friends.
Products which showcase the frictionlessness of the BCH chain.
SLP performance (a lot of SLP transactions).
Token specific wallet.
SLP tipping bot.
NFT collectibles.
Onchain games.

Developing innovative concepts using the SLP framework on top of the BCH chain continues to excite BCH proponents. Despite the growing number of tools, resources, and projects already built around SLP, the ecosystem is just getting started.

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