Analyst: Friday the 13th Daily Close Could Set Future Bitcoin Price Trend

Each and every daily close on Bitcoin price charts is important, as the price level where the candle closes and even the shape of the candle can help crypto analysts predict future movements and trend changes.

Todays daily close one crypto analyst says is exceptionally important, and will likely choose the trend direction in the short term for Bitcoin price.

Bitcoin Price: Friday the 13th Daily Close Especially Significant

Technical analysts inside and out of the crypto market not only use indicators and review chart patterns, but they also look at individual candles themselves. Depending on their open, close, and the Bitcoin price action that takes place within the candle can help analysts make sense of whats to come, and predict potential trend changes taking place before they actually occur.

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Candle closes on higher timeframes, such as the monthly, weekly, 3-day, and daily are often used to determine greater periods of price action. Therefore, crypto analysts pay even closer attention to candles closing on these highest timeframes.

Todays daily close, one crypto analyst says, is particularly important for Bitcoin price, and could determine the direction of the short to medium-term trend ahead.

The reason for this belief is due to what the analyst claims are both support and resistance clusters being heavily exhausted. This means that these supports and resistances have been weekend in both directions, and whichever one gives way first will likely result in a powerful move in that direction.

Could Superstition Have Anything To Do With Todays Significance?

While the analysts belief is driven by the price action playing out on Bitcoin price charts, could todays daily close being so important have something to do with superstition or astrology?

Todays date just so happens to be Friday the 13th, a day known for bad luck and extreme superstition. Most believe that the superstition around the date was conceived after the film of the same namesake, however, the fear of the date may have arisen during the middle ages.

The number 13 itself is even considered unlucky, to the point where often multi-story buildings are built sans a 13th floor altogether.

Making matters all the more spooky is the fact that today is a full moon. Not just a full moon, but today is what scientist refer to as a micromoon that appears dimmer and smaller than regular full moons.

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According to astrology, full moons are often times where significant change occurs. Could this full moon cause Bitcoin price to moon and set the trend for the weeks ahead? Or will Bitcoin price fall victim to the unlucky day that is Friday the 13th.

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