6 Monitoring Websites That Help Track Bitcoin Cash Data

6 Monitoring Websites That Help Track Bitcoin Cash Data

When it comes to cryptocurrency networks and markets, theres a lot to keep track of. Thankfully theres also now a bunch of dedicated bitcoin cash (BCH) data websites that provide easy to comprehend visual representations of network statistics and market indicators.

Monitoring BCH Network Statistics and Market Indicators

In the early days, it was much harder to find reliable data platforms in order to observe market action and network metrics. Today, however, there are numerous digital currency data sites including great number of web portals that comb the BCH network and monitor price action. The following is a list of Bitcoin Cash-centric data websites that give people identifiers, information, and statistics on nearly everything within the BCH ecosystem.

Coin Dance

Cash.coin.dance is a BCH network data website with a large number of different metrics collected. The site has been around for quite some time and provides free information on network statistics tied to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Coin Dance has information on node count, blocks, development, and politics and opinion data as well. For instance, the blocks section gives up-to-the-minute mining and BCH block statistics like hashrate distribution, block sizes, profitability against BTC mining, network fees, hashrate, and records of block details.

In the nodes section, Coin Dance breaks down all the BCH clients into statistical data and charts. The Bitcoin Cash platform and protocol development page shows all the completed code, proposals under discussion, and projects in the works. Coin Dance covers quite a bit of BCH network information and has been a go-to data site for many BCH proponents.

Bitcoin.com Charts

Charts.Bitcoin.com is a web portal filled with a ton of calculations and tallies that provide an insight into the BCH ecosystem as a whole. Bitcoin.coms charts show visitors the BCH price, market cap, money supply, daily transactions, hashrate, inflation rate, block size, and network fees. Charts.Bitcoin.com also covers other statistical information like Metcalfes Law, the Velocity of Money, transaction size, output volume, UTXO set size, and UTXO growth. The charts are downloadable, embeddable, and press-ready so people can use Bitcoin.coms charts for network or market data in articles or academic papers.


Another website called blockonomics.co shows people transaction and invoice information. Simply paste an address or a transaction ID in the websites window and Blockonomics will show all the data tied to that specific transaction or address. Blockonomics also allows people to monitor and create watch-only BCH wallets. This means users can get notified any time a wallet action takes place like sending and receiving BCH. The web portal also offers an invoice generator so users can create a BCH invoice in a matter of minutes.


Simpleledger.info is a Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) transaction explorer which means users can obtain statistics on SLP tokens created and used on the BCH chain. The website is built on top of SLPDB and allows individuals to search by transaction ID, address or use a token name. Simpleledger.info also tracks the latest transactions, the most popular tokens, and token creation and burns. Since SLP tokens have become popular, the Simpleledger.info explorer has become very useful for finding important information about SLP tokens and transactions.


Blockchair is a blockchain search and analytics engine that allows you to compare statistical information on coins like BCH, BTC, ETH, LTC, BSV, DASH, and XRP. Users can get information about the cryptos price, network difficulty, and transactions per second while also being able to look at them simultaneously for comparisons. For instance, you can compare the difficulty of one blockchain in contrast to the BCH network difficulty. Blockchair is also a powerful blockchain explorer that has a vast amount of data on nodes and transaction broadcasts for a total of nine blockchains.

Johoes Bitcoin Mempool Statistics

The website jochen-hoenicke.de is a data site that shows the number and aggregate size of transactions waiting to be confirmed. The portal created by software engineer Jochen Hoenicke combs five different blockchains: BTC, BCH, DASH, LTC, and BSV. The site gives a colorful, visual representation of unconfirmed transaction count, pending transaction fees, mempool size, fees per byte. Users can filter and sort content using a variety of different criteria on each blockchain.

Studying, Researching, and Predicting Bitcoin Cash Network and Market Movements

The aforementioned sites are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to web portals that provide the ability to monitor BCH statistics and network data. As the crypto industry grows more robust, tools like these are needed to observe and chart the BCH protocols daily activities as well as give an insight into the cryptocurrencys future behavior. BCH monitoring sites are wonderful tools that provide a deep view of the network and market action. Every data point can be useful to individuals and organizations studying, researching, and predicting specific elements tied to this innovative technology.

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