Start Feb 05, 2018
End Mar 12, 2018


VLB Tokens streamline the $1.8 trillion vehicle lifecycle industry. Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain creates cost saving and operations optimization opportunities for auto industry players. Value of these opportunities exceeds the value of VLB Tokens at ICO by multiple orders of magnitude. Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain will ultimately be fully decentralized and will be deployed by CarFix in cooperation with QIWI Blockchain Technologies (NASDAQ: QIWI). CarFix, the issuer of VLB Tokens, is a transaction platform that is reshaping one of the largest consumer industries in the world Ц auto sale, repair & maintenance. CarFix, just after 18 months since creation, has already brought a significant degree of order and transparency into the industry. CarFix has developed and implemented software that establishes algorithm based final fixed prices for all key repair and maintenance works. CarFix has support of institutional investors.

Token generation cap

175,000,000 VLB

Token distribution

17% Funding Round A
66% Funding Rounds B and C
11% Team and Project Development
6% Advisors and Bounty

Tokens exchange

27 Nov Ц 1 Dec: 1 VLB = 0,001183 ETH
2 Dec Ц 6 Dec: 1 VLB = 0,001282 ETH
7 Dec Ц 11 Dec: 1 VLB = 0,001399 ETH
12 Dec Ц 17 Dec: 1 VLB = 0,001538 ETH


Pre-ICO: 30%

Differences from competitors

"Given the wide scope of the product, there are no direct competitors we could actively enlist for the project. However there are different products that work in niche markets within the niches the project aims to cover. We have broken them down into multiple segments below to paint a descript picture:
1. Provenance based start-ups (supply chain). Token sales such as Ambrosus would come in this section.
2. Financial Providers. Two tokens have been released indirectly in this space. One approach is that of Bankex.Basically individuals valuate a vehicle locally and see whether it can be used for lending. Similarly AIGang is an insurance platform for drones that is stated to release later in the year."

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