OnPlace (Pre-ICO)

Start Feb 01, 2018
End Mar 15, 2018

OnPlace (Pre-ICO)

Platform that disposes of unnecessary complexity and allows to elicit maximum potential of your investments.

Token generation cap

210,000,000 OPL

Tokens exchange

1 OPL = 0.000142857 ETH


First 2 hours of Pre-ICO: 0 - 4000 ETH
Next 12 hours of Pre-ICO: 4000 - 8000 ETH
2nd day of Pre-ICO: 8000 - 12000 ETH
3rd day of Pre-ICO and after: 12000 - 15000 ETH

Differences from competitors

"The concept of the Private Assets Tokenization System (PATS) protocol lies in tokenising over-the-counter (OTC) assets for customers to invest into, and creating liquidity for the OTC environment."

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