Start Feb 09, 2018
End Mar 16, 2018


SocialMedia.Market is the first decentralized ecosystem to discover, create, perform and analyze advertising campaigns with social media influencers across any social network. Blockchain technology will simplify the integration between advertisers and publishers and decrease costs for all engaged parties. It will create a competitive marketplace thats 100% safe and transparent, creating opportunities for thousands of influencers and brands all over the globe to form targeted audience exposure; engaging consumers in the most relevant way. Advertising markets will be elevate to the next level and take considerable market share very quickly as cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology become mainstream in the next few years.

The team is inspired to popularize Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies, making them more common in our daily life. They apply extra effort to introduce SocialMedia.Markets platform, globally, to millions of influencers from small and medium sized businesses to larger corporations

Token generation cap

50,000,000 SMT

Tokens exchange

1 ETH = 700 SMT

Token distribution

37% Researc & Development
38% Marketing & Education Campaigns
12% Administrative & Operational
8% Influences & Agencies Bonuses
5% Legal


Day 1-5: 15%
Day 6-20: 10%
Day 21-35: 5%

Expect to raise

Soft Cap: 2,000,000 SMT
Hard Cap: 30,000,000 SMT



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