Start Feb 22, 2018
End Mar 23, 2018


Shping is an innovative, shopper-marketing ecosystem that enables participating brands and organisations the opportunity to reward shoppers who use the Shping App with a new cryptocurrency called Shping Coin.

By scanning product barcodes with the App, shoppers can reveal useful information, contribute product reviews, or activate actions set by brands to unlock more Shping Coins. For businesses, Shping offers a new way to market to shoppers at the critical point of purchase while enabling brands to gather analytics to help inform their strategic decisions.

The Shping Ecosystem is built on product information provided by a scalable number of trusted and verified data sources. This include data from participating brands, and a growing list of strategic partners including GS1 local members, certification and government authorities, product recall portals, and Everledger who have created a global, digital ledger that tracks, protects and stores the provenance of diamonds and valuable assets.

Along with crowdsourced data (from Shping App users), the data is collected from these sources into a continuously updated, distributed product database; at over 30 million products and growing, it is on the way to becoming the biggest in the world. Shping is making shopping a smarter, safer and more rewarding experience for all.

Token generation cap

10,000,000,000 SHPING

Token distribution

50% ICO
1% Bounties
5% Advisers
2% Team
42% App Incentive Reserve

Tokens exchange

1 SHPING = $0.01USD


Pre-ICO: 40%
Day 1: 20%
Week 1: 15%
Week 2: 10%
Week 3: 5%
Week 4: 0%

Differences from competitors

Advertisements targeting shoppers while they are shopping.
AuthenticateIt is the original company and app, has 50,000 users.
New app Shping is completely ready and is working right now. Once SHPING is added to it, it can be used with all of its features immediately. During the sale, SHPING is released as soon as you purchase, so people can start using the platform before the sale even ends.
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