Start Jan 15, 2018
End Mar 26, 2018


Gilgamesh is a knowledge-sharing social platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain technology. The network shifts the way readers, critics, and authors communicate and connect with one another.

Using the Gilgamesh platform, users can gain and transfer knowledge in a protected environment that encourages widespread learning and education, and incentivizes the human race to become more thoughtful and information-centric.

Productive interactions and engagements on the Gilgamesh platform earn users GIL Tokens, on the Ethereum blockchain through smart contracts. They can spend GIL tokens on in-app goods and services, or to vote on the governance of the platform.

Token generation cap

60,000,000 GIL

Token distribution

30% Gilgamesh platform users
25% ICO
20% Retained by Gilgamesh
20% Team
5% Early contributors & Advisors


Week 1: 27%
Week 2: 24%
Week 3: 21%
Week 4: 18%
Week 5: 15%
Week 6: 12%
Week 7: 9%
Week 8: 6%
Week 9: 3%
Week 10: 0%

Expect to raise




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