Luxcess Group

Start Mar 01, 2018
End Apr 22, 2018

Luxcess Group

The vision of the investment group, Luxcess, is to help people become a part of a big investment family. On the other hand, the goal is to enable a transparent management and capital escalation for as many people as possible. Luxcess has always believed that teamwork, up-to-date information and discipline are most important for success. It will not only join the investments, such as crypto-holding, crypto-trading, forex trading, silver and gold and start up projects, but will also provide for integration of the general public into a big family, which will increase the generated profit and provide for a better tomorrow of all of its members.

Token generation cap

35,000,000 LXC

Tokens exchange

1 LXC = 0,15$

Token distribution

80% ICO
12% Team
8% Bounty

Expect to raise

Soft Cap: 500,000$
Hard Cap: 5,250,000$

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