Start Mar 09, 2018
End Apr 09, 2018


Coinvest is a decentralized stock exchange that allows users to invest in an array of cryptocurrencies in a very simple manner. When a user wants to make a trade, the Coinvest Token ("COIN") is sent to the contract along with a list of the cryptonized assets the user would like to invest in. The amounts and prices of purchased assets are recorded in USD and when a user would like to liquidate their holdings, they follow the same process of selling a certain amount of chosen assets and their address is returned COIN in the USD value of the profits earned. This will all be handled through the easy-to-use Coinvest frontend so now anyone can invest in cryptocurrencies.

Token generation cap

75,000,000 COIN

Tokens exchange

1000 COIN = 1 ETH

Token distribution

5% Whitelist & Pre-ICO
45% ICO
25% Reserve
10% Ecosystem Development
15% Employee & Advisor


Pre-ICO: 25%

Expect to raise

Pre-ICO: 3,000,000
Hard cap: 30,000,000

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