Start Mar 15, 2018
End May 15, 2018


Too many companies view user data as their property and users as a product whose data can be sold. is convinced that profits from user data belong to customers themselves. repay.mes community is grounded on the spirit of fair trade: most of repay.mes advertising revenues are repaid as cashback to the community. Most of repay.mes daily (advertising) revenues are paid out to all users - until up to 100 percent of their purchases are fully paid back. On repay.mes marketplace, users can acquire new and used products with up to 100 percent cashback. Even for offline purchases in participating shops, cashback up to 100 percent is possible.

The vision is that users simply pay anywhere worldwide (online & offline) with REME-Coins to receive up to 100% cashback on everything they buy - with no additional steps required. Like former gold standard, REME-Coins are backed by real, measurable value. Each REME-Coin gives access to a fixed number of advertisements on the marketplace. These advertisements will always have a certain value. Therefore, each REME-Coin will hold an inner value from the beginning. This shall grant REME-Coins higher price stability. With this ICO starting in February the team gives access to a coin that is valuable to advertisers and users as well.

Tokens generation

375,000,000 REME

Token distribution

45% development
15% holder, investor
15% operations, lawyers and tax consultants
25% support, sales, marketing, concept of internalization

Tokens exchange

1 REME = 0,40 USD


01st March: 33%
02nd-15th March: 25%
16th-31st of March: 20%
01st-15th of April: 15%
16th-15th of May 10%



Differences from competitors

"UNLIMITED CASHBACK: allows up to 100 percent cashback for both online and participating offline stores (boutiques, restaurants, etc.) and even for used items. users can influence the amount of their daily cashback payments themselves through various platform activities, such as inviting new active users, participating in surveys or writing helpful product reviews. Already after their first purchase, users receive cashback payments in daily amounts. This happens until up to 100 percent of their purchases are fully repaid.
In order to increase the payout speed, introduces the REME-Coin, which makes it possible to pay out advertising revenues immediately as cashback. For users, the REME-Coin, as part of the cashback amount, is available in their wallet app within 24 hours. Additionally users receive cashback in fiat currency (EUR / USD).
For the use of all advantages such as up to 100 percent cashback on all online and offline purchases as well as on new and used goods, it is sufficient to simply pay with the REME-Coin. The more the acceptance of the REME-Coin expands, the more exciting this option becomes."

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