Start Mar 15, 2018
End Apr 14, 2018


Fluence consists of two essential parts: decentralized database and open data market. To create decentralized, fault-tolerant, censorship resistant database for any structured data, Fluence builds ecosystem when storage owners are incentivized for renting their capacities to data owners. Data market is represented by low-level API interface on top of the database and centralized website.

Tokens generation cap

6,000,000 FPT

Tokens exchange

1 ETH = 750 FLU

Tokens distribution

6% Pre-ICO
20% Team & advisors
9% Ecosystem fund
20% Future rounds
45% ICO


1500 FPT (100% bonus) for <5 ETH contribution
2250 FPT (200% bonus) for 5-100 ETH contribution
3000 FPT (300% bonus) for 100+ ETH contribution

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