Start Mar 17, 2018
End Apr 17, 2018


Geeks and fans worldwide have no universal service for bringing together and self-expression while the fan industry has no convenient tool to interact with its audience.

The importance of interaction with people sharing same ideas is as essential as freedom of creativity and self-expression. Thus, millions or even billions of enthusiasts and creative people all over the world have to bear with thirdrate social networks, boring websites, outdated forums, and inconsistency of really interesting resources. In such conditions, it’s very difficult to be your true self, find friends to discuss niche topics with, and do not feel embarrassed by things which make us happy.

Someone may think Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube have already solved this problem but the team of THEFANDOME project has to contest it. Careful analysis of the target audience has shown the world still lacks for a universal service with handy features, original mechanics, and unique atmosphere for all keen people in the world. THEFANDOME is ready to cope with it by offering a cutting-edge product.

Tokens generation cap

40,683,636 FDT

Token distribution

80,7% ICO
10% Reserve
7% Bonuses
2% Bounty
0,3% Referral system

Tokens exchange

1 FDT = 0.000656 ETH




First 100,000 FDT: 50%
Next 500,000 FDT: 40%
Next 1,000,000 FDT: 30%
Next 3,000,000 FDT: 25%

Differences from competitors

"We developed our own unique style and generated a lot of atmospheric local content those distinguish us from any other product. Geek Codex, fan mythology, fun religions and many more various elements became our hallmark. Besides, we are going to move from a platform with social network features to a virtual government with its own administration those members would be elected by users themselves, with electronic passports and other relevant attributes. It would take audience loyalty to a new level, transforming it into some kind of patriotism."

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