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In a world where personal data has become a precious commodity, sold behind closed doors by large corporations, the LOOMIA TILE gives individuals the right to own their personal data, along with the freedom to choose how to share or sell it.

LOOMIA TILE works in conjunction with the LOOMIA Electronic Layer (LEL), a soft flexible circuit embedded into textiles with the ability to sense changes in its environment, such as heat and touch.
Users can transfer their data to a desktop application that allows them to manage and sell their data to market researchers.
The app is completely serverless and leverages the blockchain for security and data integrity.
In addition, the LOOMIA TILEs unique ability to associate an individuals physical identity to their digital identity presents an interesting starting point for a wide range of third party integrations.

Tokens generation cap

1,046,000,000 TILE

Tokens exchange

1 TILE = $0.05 USD

Token distribution

65% ICO
15% Team
10% Brand partners
5% Advisors
5% Third parties

Expect to raise



20% min purchase $500,000
15% min purchase $100,000
10% min purchase $50,000


BTC, ETH, Fiat

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