Ellcrys (Pre-ICO)

Start Jan 31, 2018
End Mar 01, 2018

Ellcrys (Pre-ICO)

Ellcrys is a blockchain that allows people around the world to build open, community-owned software products and democratic internet organizations. People from anywhere can offer their skills to an Ellcrys organization, participate in decision making processes, receive rewards for their contributions and gain reputation within the network.

On Ellcrys, a git repository is the centre of all collaborative endeavours. It is an organization. By default, it is multiowned, meaning there is no owner, no leader, no need for trust and no headquarter. Anyone can fetch its content, push contributions, verify and vote for pull requests and other proposals. A repository can receive payment for service offered or a donation. Contributors can collectively decide a revenue sharing and management model unique to a repository.

Token generation cap

10,000,000,000 ELL

Tokens exchange

1 ELL = $0.1


up to 35%

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