Start Nov 01, 2017
End Feb 28, 2018


Lucyd is built on 13 exclusive augmented reality patents developed at the College of Optics and Photonics at UCF over years of well-funded research and a team of renowned optics and AR experts. Our goal is to decentralize the AR revolution with Lucyd Lens, our discreet, comfortable and intuitive smartglasses to be developed using proceeds from the crowd sale.

The Lens is supported by the Lucyd Lab blockchain, which makes it easy to develop and distribute new AR-native content. The Lab is powered by the LCD token, which organically drives content creation for the first AR platform with mass appeal. ItТs clear that AR is going to evolve our vision. Our plan is to build the body of the AR revolution with Lucyd Lens, and let the global developer community tack on the muscle.

Lucyd Lens will be the first convenient, comfortable and unnoticeable smartglasses thanks to our patents. We are designing an interactive AR display that uses your smartphone for processing power and data. The Lens will let you look up from your phone, and see all of your favorite apps in a large, smooth AR interface. With up to a 120∞ enhanced field of view that is over 3x larger than any available smartglasses, and a discreet body that looks like regular specs, Lucyd has the technology necessary to bring AR mainstream. We are launching the LCD token issuance to secure the funding for a prototype, and to build the Lucyd Lab app to drive native content creation. The first 500 pairs of Lucyd Lens are reserved for LCD holders only, giving token sale participants a chance to be among the first to own the glasses of the future.

Token generation cap

100,000,000 LCD
for ICO: 50,000,000 LCD

Token distribution

50% ICO
30% Long Term Development
10% Team
10% Third Party App Developers
Unsold tokens will be burned

Tokens exchange

Pre-ICO: 1 LCD = 0.00046875 ETH
ICO: 1 LCD = 0.00078125 ETH

Differences from competitors

13 unique patents developed in years of unhurried well funded research at the premier optics institution (College of Optics and Photonics at UCF). Experienced team comprised of renowned AR and optics scientists, business leaders with decades of executive experience in public companies.

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