Start Jan 20, 2018
End Feb 20, 2018


Cryder is innovative platform targeted to revolutionize the ride on-demand market and to attract millions of riders and drivers to Cryder infrastructure. First and the main goal is to keep passengers privacy private. All passengers won't need to provide personal, financial or any other type of information. All trips will be completely private, and all payments will be made automatically via Ethereum smart contract. Cryder token will be the only accepted currency in the platform Second goal is to give an opportunity to all drivers to become fully self-employed. Cryder will not charge any fee from the drivers and will not place any restrictions or requirements on them.

So if using Cryder, to become a driver, you will only need a car and a driver license.

Token generation cap

400,000,000 CRYDER

Token distribution

35% Development
45% Marketing
15% Operations
5% Legal

Tokens exchange

1 ETH = 3000 CRYDER


Day 1: 30%
Day 2-3: 25%
Day 4-5: 20%

Differences from competitors

"Fully decentralized application, full users privacy, free-to-use, no fees and fares."

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