The Acorn Collective

Start Jan 29, 2018
End Feb 19, 2018

The Acorn Collective

The Acorn Collective is helping fulfil crowdfunding's promise of being a democratic, accessible way for small businesses to get funding. Current platforms are equity-backed, so they focus on projects that give them the best return - with high barriers to entry and often policies that all but shut out developing countries. The Acorn Collective wants to crowdfund crowdfunding. The early backers are token holders, not equity holders, so they want an expansive platform that values a community project in Kenya as much as it does a tech project in California. The Acorn platform will be completely free to use in any country and for any legal purpose. With crowdfunding overtaking VC's as the most popular way to get funded, and with a growing appetite for entrepreneurship in developing economies, there is a huge and proven market. The team includes the ex-CTO of crowdcube, the worlds largest equity crowdfunding platform, along with Ian Scarffe, Desmond Marshall and an experienced commercial team. The Acorn Collective will partner with successful accelerators globally to make free reward crowdfunding a reality.

Changing the Face of Crowdfunding Acorn is building a blockchain based crowdfunding platform that's the first to be free and open to any legal project in any country.

Tokens generation cap

90,000,000 OAK

Token distribution

80% ICO
16.66% Company
3.33% Advisor and Community

Tokens exchange

1600 OAK = 1 ETH

Expect to raise

Soft Cap: $5,000,000
Target: $50,000,000
Hard Cap: $100,000,000

Differences from competitors

"There are no Reward Crowdfunding platforms that we know of in the crypto space. This just leaves the traditional platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but they charge high fees, are only available in a limited number of countries and only accept a small proportion of projects whereas we are completely free, available in any non-sanctioned country and will accept almost any legal project."

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