Start Dec 11, 2017
End Feb 15, 2018


TravelChain would like to provide equal access to all players for data exchange and give control of personal data back to users so that they can handle and manage it by themselves. That is why TravelChain is a decentralized platform for data exchange in the travel market where users submit their personal information and receive a benefit for it. This is a public open source block chain under management of the EcoSystem's users. The team believe that with further improvement certain breakthrough solutions will occur in order to establish new standards of how people will be traveling in the nearest future.

Token generation cap

2,100,000,000 TravelToken
For ICO: 693,000,000 TravelToken

Token distribution

33% ICO
30% Development Trust
17,69% Pre-ICO
13,80% Team
2% Advisors
1,51% Early founders & contributors
1% Bounty
1% The safety fundТs starting account

Tokens exchange

1 TravelToken = $0,0151



Expect to raise

Hard Cap: $10,000,000
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