Rocket ICO

Start Nov 15, 2017
End Feb 15, 2018

Rocket ICO

Rocket ICO's platform is a decentralised web application (dApp). Primary objectives of the Platform:

To streamline ICO initiative management. This will be achieved by providing assistance to startups at all the stages of an ICO initiative: whitepaper development, expert checks of a project, product, business model, marketing, legal aspects and other issues, with the help of an established expert network (marketing specialists, developers, lawyers, investors etc.), as well as a platform designed to manage ICO initiatives, landing page builders, and marketing campaign management tools.
To select projects wishing to take part in the ICO. This will be achieved by an interactive expert system selecting projects, consulting startups and engaging experts and investors at all the stages of setting up a project for the ICO.

Token generation cap

25,000,000 ROCK

Token distribution

1% Pre-ICO
17% ICO
5% Foundation
2% Bounty

Tokens exchange

1 ETH = 300 ROCK

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