Live Stars

Start Jan 15, 2018
End Feb 14, 2018

Live Stars

Live Stars is the world's first webcam platform in the online adult entertainment industry that is using blockchain technology to fundamentally upgrade the system and to solve its main problems. Live Stars is a fundamentally new platform with a different business model based on the exclusion of intermediaries and automating all the processes. Implementation of the smart contracts in the business logic and financial platform segment provides a more effective, safe, and convenient interaction between users, models, affiliates, and the platform itself. Live Stars? platform uses its own token LIVE as a form of the payment for services rendered.

LIVE is the only form of payment. The users can buy the token on the platform using the built-in API for a quick exchange to the popular cryptocurrencies at the current rate of exchange. The token will also be available at cryptocurrency exchanges, and the users will have the opportunity to make a direct transfer to their own Live Stars wallet in their users accounts. The users who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies will be able to buy LIVE tokens easily for fiat money using third-party services.

Token generation cap

79,928,407 LIVE

Token distribution

70% ICO
14% Team
14% Fund
2% Bounty campaign

Tokens exchange

1 LIVE = 0.2$


15-16 Jan: 50%
17-23 Jan: 30%
24- 30 Jan: 20%

Differences from competitors

"Open Source, User Anonymity, Bigger Revenue share 70%-80% instead of 40%, No payout delay, No minimum payout amount"

Expect to raise

Soft Cap: $ 500,000
Hard Cap: $ 5,000,000

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