Start Feb 01, 2018
End Feb 02, 2018


WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading network. It deploys smart contracts and enables its participants to invest and finance green energy projects as well as acquire green energy in an efficient, secure and transparent way. Moreover, it provides the first access to live trade in renewable energy globally for everyone. With possibility to be integrated with IOT for purchase or exchange of energy as a base layer of digital energy world, WePower will lead decentralized, democratized and decarbonized energy transformation.

Tokens exchange

1 ETH = 1,100 WPR



Tokens distribution

30% Team & WePower Network development
10% Community and users growth pool
10% Future stakeholders
50% Contributors

Token generation cap

170,000,000 WPR


15% until soft cap is reached

Differences from competitors

WePower is a Blockchain based energy trading platform, where people can buy tokenized energy and in such way finance the set up cost of renewable energy producers. Competitors are creating P2P energy solar energy excess sale platforms.

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