Start Dec 01, 2017
End Feb 01, 2018


Jincor is an intercorporate platform, which will let companies use all the benefits of blockchain-based technologies without having to develop and implement them on their own. With Jincor, managers and employees will be able to execute cryptocurrency transactions in a legal and fully transparent way, as well as to carry out contractual and legal relations without any middlemen by creating corporate smart contracts, which will be written to a private blockchain based on Hyperledger technologies.
Jincors mission is to integrate companies, employees and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make labor relations truly effective and reliable.

Tokens generation cap

35,000,000 JCR

Tokens exchange

1 JCR = $0.5

Tokens distribution

76% ICO
4% Pre-sale
8% Escrow, advisors, bounty
12% Jincor team

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