Start Dec 12, 2017
End Jan 31, 2018


CRYCASH is an independent decentralized ecosystem of custom-tailored products for gamers which operates with its own utility token called CRC. As an ecosystem CRYCASH will disrupt gaming industry by creating marketing tools, based on innovative technologies for game developers and give gamers the possibility to receive CRC tokens by completing tasks set by game developers, buy virtual goods, bett and participate in cybersport tournaments. For that CRYCASH will build an ecosystem consisting of 4 components: Plink application, Advertising Platform, Decentralized Marketplace for trading games and in-game items, Cybersport Platform. The first one will serve as a messenger and a wallet for CRYCASH tokens. Developers will use Plink as a safe payment method and a user acquisition channel that will reinvent the way developers attract players into their games. This ecosystem will be built in cooperation with Crytek GMBH, Plink and other third party developers.

Token distribution

60% of CRC will be issued to the contributors in the fundraiser
15% to the Foundations long-term operating budget
15% to founders, team members
10% allocated to partnerships, advisors and community grants

Tokens exchange

1 CRC = 0,001 ETH


120h: 15%
Then the bonus amount will decrease 1% every 24 hours until 18:59 UTC on December 31, 2017



Differences from competitors

"Crycash is the only one on the market offering the full range of products for gamers and developers, has a confirmed integration with existing products from Crytek with millions of players, Plink app already works before the ICO even started, helps game developers to decrease costs for user acquisition and reduce time to market, lets gamers make profit from playing"

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