Start Dec 14, 2017
End Jan 31, 2018


Based on the problem we all face with theft or loss of objects, animals or even people, MyTrackNet creates a unified network, designing solutions for tracking and retrieving them. Everyone can participate in the network by simply using MyTrackNets free application, thus creating the only universal platform for finding missing valuables. More than 15 million devices based on Bluetooth technology (like small key holders) have been sold in order to track valuable items. Although there are many companies selling Bluetooth trackers, each of them keeps its network locked and accessible only to users of its own brand.

MyTrackNets network specifications ensure universal compatibility by supporting every user owning a tracker device regardless of the brand. MyTrackNet application has embedded an innovative Reward System, based on its own Token. Through this, users are given many incentives to join and contribute to the network even if they do not own a tracker.

Token generation cap

100,000,000 MTN

Tokens exchange

1 MTN = $0,06

Token distribution

45% Marketing
10% Administrative
10% Legal and Finance expences
35% Research and Development




BTC, Waves, ETH, LTC

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