Restart Energy Democracy

Start Jan 15, 2018
End Jan 25, 2018

Restart Energy Democracy

Restart Energy, an independent European Union electricity and gas supply company with USD 20 million in current annual revenue that developed the first energy retail franchise is building a global decentralized and delocalized electrical energy supply platform and ecosystem. Restart Energy is the fastest growing private energy and gas provider operating in an EU country (Romania), offering an innovative online and customer-centric service with greater transparency. The current customer base (December 2017) of Restart Energy includes over 3,000 SMEs and multinational companies for energy, gas and fuel packages; and over 27,000 household customers for energy and gas. Restart Energy is the first energy supplier in Europe to accept energy invoice payments in Bitcoin (September 2017).

Company key numbers:
Revenues in 2016: USD 5,45 million (> 400% growth from 2015)
Revenues estimated for 2017: USD 20 million (+425%) and revenue forecast for 2018 is USD 100 million (+500%)
30.000 customers (27.000 households + 3.000 companies)
40,000 payment locations in Romania
+300 energy franchises sold to business partners in Romania
Monthly growth rate is over 10%
Strong partners: EuroGSM (Orange Telecom Dealer) + InterBroker + GRS + AMVV

Restart Energy has been ranked as the number one independent supplier in the deregulated household gas market and number two in the deregulated energy household market in Romania.

Token generation cap

500,000,000 MWAT

Token distribution

80% ICO
12% Team
5% Advisors
3% Bounty

Tokens exchange

1 MWAT= 0.00009057888968397027 ETH


20% Pre-ICO: minimum contribution 10.000 USD
15% ICO: no minimum contribution (bonus will decrease by 1% each day until 0%)

Differences from competitors

"Is a licensed EU Energy Provider, Is a company with revenues and track record, has an existing substantial customer base, issues Tokens containing energy at sale, issues tokens give access to Energy Franchise Business, has a job creating business ecosystem, has agreements in place with energy producers for transferring energy to RED MegaWatt token holders, provides a decentralized energy trading platform for P2P direct exchange, has Blockchain based Token and smart contracts, their Token can be used to settle energy bills, allows physical delivery of energy, allows energy producer to raise funds, has a global scalability of business model, deploys its own smart wifi meter, allows online switching of existing supplier"

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