Tap Project

Start Dec 09, 2017
End Jan 20, 2018

Tap Project

Tap Project applies a utility token (Tap Coin), which allows gamers the option to harness their time and convert in-game earned and premium currencies to Tap Coins that can traverse multiple platforms and games. The Tap Projects ecosystem is made up of Game Developers, Gamers, Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and the Tap Project Network. The core relationship in the ecosystem exists between TTT and Game Developers. By forming collaborative partnerships with Game Developers, blockchain-based monetization can be created.

Token generation cap

1,500,000,000 TTT

Token distribution

35% Team
25% Marketing/Business development
15% Technological Expansion
10% Business Unification
10% Business operations
5% Contingency

Tokens exchange

1 ETH = 10,000 TTT


December 20th -January 3rd: 20%
January 3rd -January 10th: 15%
January 10th- January 20th: 10%

Expect to raise


Differences from competitors

"The Tap Coin differentiates itself by being a true conversion cryptocurrency for in-game digital currencies. Unlike competitors, the Tap Project does not convert skins or tradeable items but rather in game digital currencies. This allows the gamer to monetize in game earned and premium currencies. Furthermore, the tap coin goes one step further and allows the gamer to transfer their tap coins in and out of multiplatform games, which allows them to never have their in game points/time or money locked to a single game."

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