Start Jan 18, 2018
End Jan 18, 2018


To ensure developers get the highest throughout in performance, reliability and scalability, Bluzelle implements swarming technologies. A swarm is a large group of nodes (computers) that work together to store and manage data. Nodes in these swarms can go down and new nodes can come up with minimal impact on the network. Overall Bluzelle is a meta-swarm comprised of mulDple swarms.

Bluzelles unique and proprietary swarming techniques were designed for the highest performance. Bluzelle can reduce latency by retrieving data from the nearest nodes on the leaf swarm, and/or increase speed manyfold by retrieving data in parallel from the fastest nodes on the leaf swarm. This is like torrents and seeds. When data is requested, it is done in parallel where chunks (shards) are requested from all the different swarms that contain those shards, and these are all retrieved in parallel, resulDng in desirable performance metrics.

Token generation cap

500,000,000 BLZ

Token distribution

33% Pre-ICO & ICO
27% Reserved
15% Founding Team
15% Advisors and initial investor & strategic partner
10% Developer and community growth fund

Expect to raise




Differences from competitors

"File decentralization can be used for access to website resources (images, stylesheets, html, etc) or to enable globalized scalable access to documents. Bluzelles data decentralization services would be consumed by software at a more intimate level, that is opaque to the end-user, replacing existing database systems."

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