Start Jan 14, 2018
End Jan 14, 2018


The GAT Coin is a new crypto-currency token that will be launched on the Ethereum main network as part of a broader enterprise system (GAT System) through which global merchants may issue their own branded digital tokens that can be used as discounts, gift cards and other promotional offerings (Merchant Tokens). The GAT System will enable merchants to issue Merchant Tokens to a mass consumer audience with minimal set-up, allowing them to quickly adopt token usage as part of their overall marketing strategy. The GAT Coin will be the exclusive currency of exchange for the trade of Merchant Tokens on the GAT Exchange. Consumers can use their GAT Coins to acquire Merchant Tokens or can convert their Merchant Tokens to GAT Coins on the GAT Exchange.

Token generation cap

200,000,000 GAT

Tokens exchange

14-21 Jan: 1 ETH = 15,540 GAT
21 -28 Jan: 1 ETH = 4,800 GAT

Expect to raise

Har Cap: $14,500,000

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