Start Dec 08, 2017
End Jan 09, 2018


Mission & Vision: Creating a platform for curious minds that are willing to share knowledge, ideas and views in a way that is unlike any other preexisting platform. Qurito will be a common platform for people around the globe to share their knowledge, experiences and ideas while also being rewarded for the same. The aim is to create a globalized platform where being curious and helpful can be rewarding.

Problems: On many existing platforms, there is a lack of quality content shared by people in the form of Q/A (Question and Answers), Polls and Forums. These platforms also lack structure, making it nearly impossible to quickly index and search for specific content. Lastly, when using these platforms, we never know how reliable the information is, especially because there is no incentive for giving reliable and quality feedback.

Solutions: Qurito aims to solve these problems by bringing in quality content by attracting more knowledgeable, idealistic, passionate and curious people to the platform. Qurito will also reward users for their contributions to the platform as gratitude for their service, which directly increases the volume of qualitative content.

Token generation cap

600,000,000 QURO

Token distribution

250,000,000 QURO ICO
250,000,000 QURO Platform Utilization
80,000,000 QURO Development & Marketing
20,000,000 QURO Bonus & Rewards

Tokens exchange

1 QURO = $0.10

Differences from competitors

"Incentivized platform, more organized, no spam, accountability"

Expect to raise

Hard Cap: 25,000,000 USD

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