Start Oct 31, 2017
End Jan 06, 2018


Revolutionary digital cryptobank:

100% mobile and worldwide available;
One place for crypto coins & regular money;
More than 42 million stores around the world available contactless via NFC protocol, QR codes, ApplePay & AndroidPay;
Currency exchange and borderless transfers;
Credit token;
Blockchain lending technology and in-built blockchain scoring platform;
Open API for developers and ryptocurrency acquiring solutions for merchants.

Token generation cap

300,000,000 CRPT

Token distribution

70% Distributed to Community
15% Reserved Funding
9% Founders and Team
3% Advisors
3% Bounty

Tokens exchange

1 CRPT = 0,0001 BTC


19 December-25 December: 3%

Differences from competitors

"Crypterium brings pretty similar value to the people. Low costs of transaction, worldwide availability of cryptofiat operations: international transfers, p2p lending, exchange. It is more focused on inhabitans of megacities deeply involved in fiat and cryptocurrency operations. Moreover Crupterium creates not just a cryptocurrency wallet, but a full-fledged bank with a wide range of services for companies (crypto-acquiring), for clients (crypto-loans) and for developers (open platform). Crypterium helps to build a bridge between traditional banking and blockchain"


BTC, ETH, fiat

Expect to raise

Hard cap: $47,000,000

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