Dilbert Lampoons Corporate Blockchain Ignorance in Comic Strip

Dilbert Lampoons Corporate Blockchain Ignorance in Comic Strip

Dilbert creator Scott Adams is at it again.

The comic strip, known for its satirical portrayals of corporate office life, on Friday parodied ignorance about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

In this latest strip, Adams jabs at corporate executives who love to talk about blockchain technology, even though it is quite evident that they have no clue what it is or what its use cases are.

“I’m not an engineer, so this might be a dumb question,” the boss says. “But why can’t we 3-D print a blockchain and HMTL it into a Bitcoin?”

Source: Scott Adams/Dilbert.com

Adams has made a handful of other blockchain-themed Dilbert strips, with most published during the past two years.

In another fan-favorite, one of Dilbert’s colleagues becomes trapped in a “jargon matrix” in which he mindlessly shouts out buzzwords including blockchain, cloud, user experience, and sustainability.

Source: Scott Adams/Dilbert.com

But though Dilbert strips referencing blockchain have become most common over the past several years, Adams has been parodying Bitcoin since as far back as July 2013, when the flagship cryptocurrency was trading at just $90 and still months away from reaching a short-lived peak above $1,000.

Source: Scott Adams/Dilbert.com

Adams has also taken aim at initial coin offerings (ICOs), as this strip from October 2017 demonstrates.

“So…it’s like a chain made out of coins?” the boss asks after Dilbert suggests that the company raise funds through an ICO.

Source: Scott Adams/Dilbert.com

Notably, despite his satirical take on blockchain and ICOs, Adams himself is attached to a project that is currently holding its own token sale.

The Dilbert creator is a co-founder and chief strategy officer of WhenHub, a startup that creates “time visualization” products, including one that facilitates “blockchain-enabled video interfacing” between subject matter experts and consumers.

The company’s ICO began in March, and it aims to raise as much as $40 million before its conclusion in September.

Featured image from Flickr/Ol.v!er [H2vPk].

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