Start Dec 18, 2017
End Dec 31, 2017


ASTON is a decentralized document authentication platform that replaces linear blockchains with a multi-dimensional structure, finally making blockchain-based document authentication viable at scale. The system is built on X-Chain, a new blockchain technology that exists alongside the standard linear blockchain.

Token generation cap

10,000 ETH

Token distribution

50% ICO
5% Bounty
15% Reserve
15% Team
15% Partners & Investors

Tokens exchange

1 ETH = 1,500 ATC


Pre-ICO: 30%
Crowdsale: 15%

Differences from competitors

"All transactions related to the documents such as creation, modification, transmission, viewing, and discarding of documents are subject to the transaction themselves. Due to the nature of the documents in which various fields exist, it is possible to commercialize a blockchain of the linear structure by using an enormous amount of computing power. However, if the X-chain of the multidimensional structure is applied, the computing power required for the system implementation could be drastically reduced, which enables rapid commercialization through mobile devices"

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