‘Coindaddy’ Another Crypto-Rapper Rhymes About Bitcoin Life

Just last month news.Bitcoin.com chatted with the hip-hop artist ‘Lil’ Windex’ the Canadian rapper who made headlines last month for his rhymes about bitcoin cash. Now there is another rapper, from San Francisco, called ‘Coindaddy,’ an artist who has been coined a “Weird Al Yankovic” of cryptocurrency rap.

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The ‘Crypto Castle,’ Fur Coats, Lambos, and Bitcoin

Arya Bahmanyar is a 28-year-old former commercial real estate broker turned hip-hop artist after allegedly becoming a millionaire from his cryptocurrency investments. According to a recent interview with the columnist Melia Robinson, Bahmanyar decided to devote his time to becoming a new rapper called ‘Coindaddy,’ and he started his own Youtube channel to release his music.

“I’m going to make songs that aren’t that good,” Bahmanyar explains in his recent interview recalling how he got started toward creating his ‘Coindaddy’ persona.

In his songs “Holding the Bag,” Coindaddy raps about a variety of cryptocurrencies and uses slang like ‘hodl,’ ‘Buying the dips,’ and ‘moon.’ Alongside this, the rapper likes to sing about lavish lifestyles, ‘Lambos’ and checking the price of BTC while getting laid. Coindaddy also does a duet with the well-known cryptocurrency musician Tatiana Moroz as well. In “Holding the Bag,” Coindaddy’s lyrics state:

If you want the ride and you want the riches then just buy more coin and get the bitches — Cuz bitcoin about to go straight through the roof it’s got the PBOC shaking in their boots.    

‘Coindaddy’ Another Crypto-Rapper Rhymes About Bitcoin LifeArya Bahmanyar AKA ‘Coindaddy’
Many Artists Try to Bring Swagger to the Crypto-Game

Coindaddy already made headlines earlier this year for his New York Times appearance in the story “Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rich and You’re Not,” which features newly made cryptocurrency millionaires and the infamous hangouts the ‘Crypto Castle,’ and ‘Crypto Crackhouse.’ Coindaddy was featured during his performance at the at the San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup’s Holiday Party at the bay-area club ‘Runway Incubator.’ Coindaddy detailed at the time he plans on releasing other songs called ‘Lambo Party’ and ‘Crypto Mom.’

“Right now all our entertainers come from outside crypto culture — not inside crypto, and we’ve got to change that,” Coindaddy explains.

From left to right: Coindaddy, Lil’ Windex, YT Cracker, Gramatik, and Chris Record. All of these artists have incorporated cryptocurrencies into their music tracks. 

The crypto-millionaire turned rapper says he plans to continue his illustrious career by utilizing his music to educate newbs about cryptocurrency. Coindaddy is not the only individual trying to break through as a cryptocurrency rapper who spits rhymes about bitcoin and the digital currency lifestyle. Other crypto-rappers who have made ‘bitcoin-esque hip-hop’ videos include Chris Record’s ‘Hodl Gang,’ Keem Ibara ‘Digital Gold,’ Gramatik ‘Satoshi Nakamoto,’ Team Hodl ‘Lambo Land,’ YT Cracker ‘Bitcoin Baron,’ Lil Windex ‘Bitcoin Ca$h,’ and many more artists.

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