As Value Rises, Bitpay Adds Bitcoin Cash Support

The support that Bitcoin Cash seems to be getting recently looks like an unending tale as the altcoin receives support from Bitpay. The latest support ushered by the Georgia based digital asset service provider will now permit dealers to receive BCH for payment through its Pos app.

With the recent update from Bitpay on its Checkout point-of-sale (Pos) mobile app which supports bitcoin cash (BCH), buyers can go into retail store and make payment by generating payment codes with their mobile sets.

While buyers pay with their mobile sets, Checkout allows retailers to also receive payment with their mobile device and store their earning with cryptocurrency in more than 150 currencies.

Checkout features are designed to suite businesses which includes multi-employee checkout, simple tip reporting, optional on-screen tipping, and matching of order IDs inputted from other point-of-sale system.

Years before, the digital asset has been supporting BTC, but its latest support announcement featured BCH, stating that the cryptocurrency will be applied to its Visa card invoice loads.

The development came due to the lasting request from Bitcoin cash fans that an option for settlement of deals in the BCH is added. The addition will now grant Bitpays merchants the ability to receive their earnings in BCH and not only in BTC and USD as previously known.

Albeit the latest addition is featuring BCH-improved services, not all businesses who use Bitpay will have access to the development as the company earlier released its Terms of Use, banning explicit sale of sexual content (porn), ammunitions and restricted goods like drugs, among others.

Bitcoin Cash Value Rise In The Recent Market Comeback.

Toeing with the recent market comeback which features most altcoins value rise, BCH rose unexpectedly among its contemporaries. In the last few days, BCH has proved to be the altcoin to invest in with a pacing value rise which seems like it is heading for the zenith.

While the last seven days of the altcoins price was topped with 59.4%, it present day price rose over its 30 days back value with 23.1% and within 24hrs, the altcoin had added 9.6%.

BCH is undoubtedly moving northward with no obstacle impeding its ways.

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