CyberTrust (Pre-ICO)

Start Nov 29, 2017
End Dec 26, 2017

CyberTrust (Pre-ICO)

CyberTrust has solved four problems with a solution to bring institutional investor capital to crypto markets via crypto asset securitisation. It offers a legitimate and simple way to acquire and manage such digital assets within existing legal, tax, compliance and IT frameworks.

The product will open new doors for investment and is the missing link in the evolution of the crypto economy since we are removing the current barriers between old investment markets and the crypto market. Using securitisation, crypto assets become derivative financial products: Global Crypto Notes, which are legitimate and transparent from a compliance and legal perspective. These crypto asset-backed derivatives can be placed on the books of an organisation, can be audited, are inheritable and offer clarity on tax impact, in addition to reducing counterparty risk for clearing and settlement of crypto assets via traditional institutional framework.

Token generation cap

600,000 CABS

Tokens exchange

1 CABS = 0,6 ETH


By arrangement: USDT, CHF, EUR


10/15/20% for 10+/200+/500+

Token distribution

67% ITO
20% Foundation
13% Management and Bounty

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