Start Nov 17, 2017
End Dec 25, 2017


REALISTO is a decentralized real estate investing platform dedicated to crowdfunding the worlds best real estate opportunities. Using blockchain technology, the REALISTO platform allows real estate investment experts to present unique projects, tokenize them, and offer them as curated investment opportunities. REALISTOs ICO will accept Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) contributions in exchange for REA, which can be used to invest in curated Berlin and global projects. Returns are also paid in ETH.

Token distribution

90% ICO
10% Team

Tokens exchange

1 ETH = 300 REA


Pre-sale: 30%
Week 1: 15%
Week 2: 10%
Week 3: 5%

Differences from competitors

"Focused on local real estate first. REALISTO will launch two pools in the Berlin market before moving on to other markets. Also, the founding team have a decade of specialized real estate experience in Berlin. This is the foundation of the platform - local access being granted to investors around the world using blockchain technology."

Expect to raise

Pre-Sale min: 2,000,000 REA
ICO: No Hardcap

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