Zen Protocol

Start Nov 30, 2017
End Dec 24, 2017

Zen Protocol

Zen Protocol is a blockchain built for finance. Just as Bitcoin is designed as peer-to-peer money, Zen Protocol is designed for peer-to-peer trade, giving you total control over your financial assets. Zen is built from the ground up to help developers write fast, scalable and reliable smart contracts. The codebase is written from scratch in F#, C#, and our own language, ZF*: a dialect of the language F*, designed for provably correct programming. ZF* makes advanced security techniques like formal verification natural to use. Contracts prove the resources they use before running, allowing for compiled contracts that run at native machine speed, and removing the need for a "gas" system. Zen Protocol's contracts can react to events on the Bitcoin blockchain, meaning that Bitcoiners can use Zens financial system without third parties or intermediaries. Multi Hash Mining, a new way of using many hash functions in Proof of Work mining, creates matching incentives for miners and users of the Zen Protocol. Our oracle solution is fast, efficient, and profitable for oracle operators.

Token generation cap

20,000,000 ZEN

Token distribution

Token buyers: 12,000,000 ZEN
Team: 6,500,000 ZEN
Future team and partnerships: 1,500,000 ZEN
Mining: 80,000,000 ZEN

Tokens exchange

1 ZEN = $2,75


Pre-ICO: 5% - 20%

Differences from competitors

No VM. Existing platforms like Ethereum and QTUM run contracts in a virtual machine. Even Bitcoin scripts run in a stack machine interpreter. Zen Protocol's contracts compile directly to machine code.

Pre-costed contracts. Zen Protocol's contracts prove what it costs to run them ahead of time. Ethereum uses a "gas" system, meaning that ethereum contracts can run out of funds in the middle of execution. Zen contracts always behave atomically: either they do their job, or they don't alter the blockchain at all. This makes Zen Protocol much simpler to use for financial applications.

Provable security. Existing approaches to "formal verification" in a blockchain involve using different languages for coding and for proving security. Zen Protocol lets you write contracts and prove them secure in the same language, ZF*.

Parallel blockchain. The Zen Protocol uses its own scarce token for creating contracts, but has deep integration with the Bitcoin blockchain, allowing for sidechains. This combines strong economic incentives to secure the Zen blockchain with the ability to use value from the Bitcoin blockchain.

Governance. Zen Protocol gives users and miners an incentive to cooperate with Multi Hash Mining. This keeps the security of Proof of Work, while giving users a say in how the blockchain is secured and upgraded.

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