$330 Million: EIP-999 Stokes Debate Over ETH Frozen by Parityís Contract Bug

$330 Million: EIP-999 Stokes Debate Over ETH Frozen by Parityís Contract Bug

The debate over a controversial Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) designed to restore a self-destructed smart contract holding hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ETH is heating up.

EIP-999, written by Parity Technologies developer Afri Schoedon, calls for Ethereum to adopt a software upgrade that patches the UK-based companyís frozen multi-signature wallet contract library, allowing users to regain access to approximately 513,000 ETH.

Those funds ó collectively worth nearly $330 million at the current exchange rate ó were rendered unspendable last November after pseudonymous GitHub user ďdevops199Ē exploited a bug in the contractís source code (accidentally, the user claims) that allowed him or her to declare ownership of the contract library and cause it to self-destruct.

Nearly 600 different wallet owners lost funds as a result of the bug, including Polkadot, a project led by former Ethereum CTO and Parity founder Gavin Wood. Polkadotís wallet currently holds more than 306,000 ETH, now worth approximately $200 million.

Previous EIPs attempting to create a recovery process for self-destructed contracts have been met with resistance by the Ethereum community, and EIP-999 has attracted its share of critics ó particularly since Parityís contract is the only frozen library it would patch.

A poll hosted on Ethereum block explorer Etherchain ó which allows users to vote by signing a message with their wallets and then tallies votes based on the funds held by voters ó shows a tight debate, with 52.6 percent of funds ó or ~1.6 million ETH ó voting in opposition to the proposal.

Source: Etherchain

However, social media users have raised two major criticisms of the poll, which they claim unfairly benefits its supporters. First, the poll allows contract creators to vote for the funds stored in those contracts ó even if they are multi-sig wallets. Consequently, Polkadot was able to use its 306,000 ETH ó which are not spendable unless EIP 999 or another similar measure is enacted ó to vote in favor of the proposal.

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