Current EOS (EOS) Action In The Markets Might Just Be The Beginning

Current EOS (EOS) Action In The Markets Might Just Be The Beginning

EOS (EOS) is once again performing well in the cryptocurrency markets. Current value puts the token at a price of $14.58 and up 7.27% in 24 hours. Similar EOS price mobility in the upward direction was witnessed yesterday when it was doing 16.37% gains in 24 hours and valued at $13.50.

Recent market performance indicates that EOS has enjoyed considerable gains from the start of April when it was valued at around $6. But as soon as the EOSIO Dawn 3.0 version of the platform’s Testnet was released on April 5th, it has been gains after gains by the token belonging to the project that has been dubbed as the Ethereum killer.

Going back further in time, EOS had reached $18.23 on January 13th. With the current momentum of the token, this value looks like being shattered very soon.

What is EOS’s potential in the markets?

This is a very wild question that only time and product will tell. If the EOSIO 1.0 platform is released without a hick-up and on time, the price of EOS could be in the double digit dollar range for quite some time.

What might happen, is a market performance similar to Ethereum (ETH) before the ICO boom that started mid last year. Back then ETH was flirting with $50 around April but as soon as crypto started being reported by mainstream media, all hell broke loose to the point of ETH finishing the year at a value of around $730

What will EOSIO 1.0 do for the coin?

Sometime in June, EOSIO 1.0 will be released. The exact date in the month is unknown. This means that the highly anticipated platform will be live and kicking very soon. Developers will have a new option for developing decentralized apps.

What will then happen is a full token migration of EOS to the new platform. This will in turn make EOS a coin.

History has proven that whenever there is an anticipated coin migration, the price of a token does considerable gains in the markets. Perhaps this is what is happening to both EOS and Tron (TRX) as both projects have their Mainnet versions slated for release in June and May respectively.

On thing is for sure, the constant market performance by EOS might just be the beginning of something extraordinary.

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