Start Nov 02, 2017
End Dec 06, 2017


The Hut34 Project aims to build and provide the technological and economic infrastructure to power the growth of the open global knowledge economy. Its objective is to build a digital services ecosystem, in which each and every participant has access to the collected data, information, knowledge, services and intelligence of the entire network; a system that encourages participation from end users whilst incentivising and fairly rewarding developers and producers for their contributions and efforts.

The Hut34 economic system abstracts this concept. In this system data, information or knowledge which is more uncertain or more difficult to obtain attracts the highest ENT value as its information content is highest. On the other hand, data which is commonplace, known or easily obtainable has lower information content and hence less ENT value. Another way to look at it is if a user on the Hut34 Network has some new or valuable data, it should have a higher ENT value than something known or commonplace.

Tokens generation cap

100,000,000 ENT

Tokens distribution

50% will be sold to token sale participants
30% will be retained for: Platform partnerships, developer incentivisation programs, Entropy token management initiatives, employee expansion and future development, token sale related expenses
20% will be allocated to the team members and advisors

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