Start Nov 28, 2017
End Nov 30, 2017


WaBi (??) is a digital cryptocurrency which supports Walimais anticounterfeit system and is backed by sales of products protected by Walimai technology. Consumers around the world are able to purchase products protected by Walimai technology with WaBi.

Single-click automatic payment for Walimai protected products at current exchange rate if the user has insufficient WaBi. Paying with WaBi grants additional benefits: discounts, improved delivery terms, bonus WaBi points with every purchase. It also allows users to buy loyalty points in bulk with discounts.

Token generation cap

100,000,000 WaBi
for ICO: 40,000,000 WaBi

Token distribution

80% ICO
20% Team and bounties

Tokens exchange

1 WaBi = 0,15+ USD



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