Start Nov 17, 2017
End Nov 30, 2017


Genaro Network is a global Blockchain ecosystem development project based in Singapore. Genaro has pioneered the concept of Blockchain 3.0, a platform built around the first Turing-complete public chain with decentralized storage network. This means blockchain developers have a one-stop solution to deploy smart contracts and store data simultaneously.

The technological ecosystem will contribute to blockchain infrastructure technology development and is supported by a series of Hubs with an in-house Accelerator, being established in Singapore, Shanghai, and Silicon Valley. This combined system of technology standards and infrastructure will enable incubation of hundreds, and then thousands, of decentralized applications built on the Genaro Network, becoming the first app store of the Blockchain.

The Genaro Public Chain uses PoS as consensus, and creatively uses the SPoR algorithm as its storage consensus, which could increase both public chain scalability and file transferring speed. Moreover, Genaro applies game theory to a sharing economy business model, thereby establishing a fairer rewards system for nodes and provides end users with a private, efficient, economic, secure and permanent storage space and sharing community. Genaro is the revolution to move from "Cloud" to "Blockchain"! They believe that only when a Blockchain is able to store and analyze big data in the real world can DAPPs be as useful as Internet APPs.

Token generation cap

700,000,000 GNX

Token distribution

14% Genaro Support Program Round I
31% Genaro Support Program Round II
15% Community Fund
9% Blockchain 3.0 Ecosystem, Genaro Hub & Accelerator
8% Development Fund
5% Node Reward
3% Bounty Program & Airdrop
9% Cofounders
6% Consultants for laws, finance, scientific research, business development and etc.

Tokens exchange

1 ETH = 3000 GNX


Community Supporter: 10 ETH or more, 1 ETH = 3200 GNX
Community Benefactor: 100 ETH or more, 1 ETH = 3350 GNX
Community Partner: 500 ETH or more, 1 ETH = 3600 GNX
Note: Minimum amount to participate in the Whitelist is 10 ETH
Special Airdrop Bonus! All participants in the Whitelist will receive an Airdrop Bonus of 1%, 3% and 5% GNX for the Community Supporter, Benefactor, and Partner level respectively, on December 31, 2017
GSP Whitelist Plan is first-come first-serve and has a hidden reserve quantity limit, there is no guarantee of participation.
GSP Whitelist Plan will start at Oct.17 and end at three days before GSP block initialization.

Differences from competitors

Regarding storage solutions, Genaros competitors are Storj, Sia, Madesafe and IPFS. But all of them only solve storage and they either do not have their own public chain, or their public chain is not Turing complete. This means users can only use them for storage space but cannot deploy a smart contract or build applications on them directly. Developers need to write smart contract on other chains like Ethereum and write the storage part on them separately, using a traditional cloud provider or something like IPFS, but this is unwieldy. Genaro provides a one-stop solution to save developers a lot time but more importantly, our unique consensus mechanism makes the public chain more scalable and storage network more efficient at the same time.

Some may also compare Genaro to Ethereums Swarm approach. In terms of the difference, our own public chain and decentralized storage is the equivalent of an SSD hard drive, while Ethereums Swarm can be compared with a low capacity memory with the slower speed of a disc drive. The Genaro solution provides more storage capacity at faster speeds.

Expect to raise

217,000,000 GNX

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