Start Nov 02, 2017
End Nov 30, 2017


Paycent is a global mobile dual e-wallet that can be funded by cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin) with high liquidity and fiat currencies within the same mobile application. This allows the cryptocurrencies holders multiple avenues of spend and straddle the world of fiat and cryptocurrencies. By having integrated fiat and crypto mobile wallets, plus the option of having a debit card linked to Paycent, this opens 200 countries and 36 million points that Paycent is accepted. The full ecosystem of Paycent and Paycent mPOS allows payments for daily household spend such as utilities, cable and Telco airtime. All conversions from cryptocurrencies to fiat will be done in real time.

Token generation cap

450,000,000 PYN

Token distribution

60% - Token Sale
10% - Team
10% - Education & research
19% - reserve
1% - Bounty

Tokens exchange

1 PYN = 0.001667 ETH


Day 1: 27%
Day 2 to 4: 18%
Day 5 to 7: 12%

Differences from competitors

1.Regulatory Licenses
Paycent currently holds UAE and Philippines licenses and have in principle approval for Singapore and Hong Kong. As these licenses take lengthy periods to obtain, we can operate immediately in these countries without any regulatory hold-ups.
2. Banks
Paycent is in tier 2 talks in the Philippines to acquire two banks and merge them to form a larger ecosystem for Paycentos. While others are talking about banking licenses we will take on the Philippine market from within the banking arena and offer Paycent as the online arm of the merged banks, using blockchain and big data to provide micro financing and basic banking services to the unbanked. This will be the fastest way to achieve crypto/fiat mass penetration with the setting up of branches across Asia.
3. Exchange
Paycent is negotiating the terms of hosting our Paycentos Realtime Exchange in Dubai with the oversight of the Central bank of UAE. This will be the 1st in the world where an exchange is managing and co-running a crypto exchange.
4. Payment infrastructure
Paycent is in advance talks with Egypt and Jordan to host their national Payment infrastructure with Paycent being the online offering that will bring online payments to the masses.
5. Established fiat ecosystem
Paycent has over a thousand merchants that accept it as an online payment mode. This is an ecosystem that has been built out by our team over the year and is in full operation. 2 Every sent matters
6. Confirmed crypto ecosystem
Paycent has signed an agreement with to be the 1st crypto e-wallet to collect Paycentos as a payment token and have further talks to do the same agreement with over thirty real estate developers.

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