Start Nov 02, 2017
End Nov 20, 2017


VuePay is a decentralized distributed platform where users can earn a share of the advertisers bid on the Cost Per View on targeted advertisements on mobile devices. Currently the cost publishers charge advertisers for adverts is not shared with end users and the end user has no transparency with regards to the formation and distribution of the advertisements costs.

At VuePay our mission is to become the most favored platform for advertising directly to target audience where the users will get paid to watch ads and to tap into the billion plus dollar advertisement market using their smart devices. VuePay will be available on connected mobile devices regardless of geography, language or currency.

Tokens generation cap

400,000,000 VUP

Tokens exchange

1 ETH = 2000 VUP


50% bonus VUP tokens will be provided for all contributions of minimum 20 ETH during presale phase

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