Start Oct 18, 2017
End Nov 18, 2017


There are still more than 2 billion unbanked people in the world. These people are excluded from the local and global economy as they still use cash and don't have access to basic financial services. Taking out a loan is a great challenge for them as well unless they obtain a credit history.

MicroMoneys mission is to solve this problem. MicroMoney was established as a microfinance institution and has sharpened the business to become a decentralized Open Source Credit & Big Data Bureau on the Blockchain. Since 2015, we provide individuals and SMEs with short-term loans as the best solution for their financial needs. MicroMoney uses innovative risk scoring powered by artificial neural network. In the long-run, we are able to help 2 billion unbanked and underbanked people to build a multi-purpose digital identity, creditworthiness, and financial reputation. Without borders or intermediaries.

The goal is to bring these people to the new global decentralized crypto economy. At the same time, we aggregate large sets of data reflecting our customers needs and their online behaviour. By sharing and exchanging this Big Data we thus enable banks, financial institutions, e-commerce, and retail businesses worldwide to efficiently scale. They will get access to new customers unserved before, reduce risks while expanding to new markets, and better understand their customers needs.

Token generation cap

60,000,000 AMM

Token distribution

84% Token buyers
8% Team
4% Advisers, Mentors
4% Bounty

Tokens exchange

1 AMM = 1 USD


1 day: 25%
2-7 day: 20%
7-14 day: 10%
14-21 day: 5%

Differences from competitors

Working scoring app, approved business model, acting company in 5 countries

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