Start Oct 11, 2017
End Nov 14, 2017


EROSCOIN is Blockchain based decentralised multi cryptocurrency payment gateway. It makes worldwide transactions between consumers, merchants, businesses, distributors and community by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

EROSCOIN has started offering wide range of payment products including web wallet, mobile wallet, merchant payments, in chat payments and more. Use EROSCOIN to send, receive & make payments without middleman using stable, secure and fast Blockchain network.

Tokens generation cap

240,000,000 ERO

Tokens exchange

1 ERO = 0,15 USD

Tokens distribution

50% : Crowdsale Presale (ICO)
20% : EROSCOIN Foundation Reserve
9% : Advisory & Escrow
10% : Charity
10% : Reserve Fund
1% : Bounty Program




1st-2nd day: 45%
3th-4th day: 35%
5th-6th day: 25%

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