Start Oct 16, 2017
End Nov 03, 2017


IMMLA's mission is to make it easy for cargo owner and freighters to connect and collaborate through decentralized service. The service uses Blockchain and smart contract technology to eliminate the problem of trust, information barriers and legal costs. IMMLA assembled consortium of experts from industry leaders to avoid shortcomings of potential competitors when creating the IMMLA multimodal transportation service.

IMMLA is founded on the basis of SoftusinessSolutions - IT-company with logistic focus, Global Transport lnvestments and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics - industry leaders b market share, and Mera Capital - project management company that led over 5 successful IPOs.

Token generation cap

226.736.000 IML

Available during sale:
184.336.400 IML

Tokens exchange

1 = 3640 IML

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