Seratio Platform

Start Oct 01, 2017
End Oct 31, 2017

Seratio Platform

The Seratio Enterprise Blockchain Platform is an all-in-one Blockchain environment that enables beneficiaries to keep track of the value and impact they make, and most importantly profit from it in many different ways. The platform allows entities to earn, transact, spend, trade and monitor their digital assets. Precisely, our vision for the Seratio Blockchain platform is to unite and manage under three key themes:
- Cryptocurrency (financial assets) linked to intangible value and sets of values
- Tokenised Currency (non-financial assets) linked to intangible value and sets of values
- Provenance (both financial and non-financial assets) traceability recording and tracking.

Seratio Token (SER) is the first issue of a resilient Ethereum token, compliant to UK regulatory frameworks. Fundraising will fulfil the foundation and infrastructure to deliver the vision of Cryptocurrencies with Values. The unique feature of the Seratio token is the ability to capture the financial assets, microshares and provenance of transactions involving people, products, processes, projects and organisations.

Tokens generation cap

100,000,000 SER

Tokens distribution

token issue Blockchain DLT with microshare and asset value - ?500k
SAPI metrics - ?1.6m
provenance - ?1m
apps - ?1m+
marketing and contingency - ?900k

Tokens exchange

1 SER = 0.20 GBP


15th September 2017 - 50%
18th September 2017 - 40%
21st September 2017 - 30%
24th September 2017 - 20%
27th September 2017 - 10%

Differences from competitors

1st ICO in UK regulatory framework



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