Start Sep 18, 2017
End Oct 15, 2017


WOLK is a form of cryptoasset, or virtual currency, that can be used for certain functions related to purchasing and selling data through the protocol sponsored and operated by Wolk Inc. ("Wolk Inc."). Additional details on WOLK and the system sponsored Wolk Inc. can be found below.

Wolk Inc. supports the development of protocols for decentralized data exchange between buyers and sellers of sharable data. Wolk Inc. develops the Wolk protocols and application programming interfaces (УAPIsФ) for activities using the Wolk protocols. These APIs are used on the data exchange sponsored by Wolk. Wolk Inc. also provides advertising and marketing data services for companies using the protocol.

Tokens distribution

20% supports liquidity of WOLK directly via purchaseWolk and sellWolk functions in the token contract
40% will support Wolk Inc.Тs engineering, marketing, business development and other operations
40% will support a "Wolk Ecosystem Development Fund," which will support data supplier onboarding and data buyer onboarding by Wolk Inc.

Tokens exchange

1 ETH = 1000 WOLK

Tokens generation cap

500,000,000 WOLK

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